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  • Audition photography

    I had the pleasure of being able to test something outside my comfort zone as a photographer in the beginning of January. My fiancé is Director & Choreographer of Libertina Dance Company and she invited me to view the audition for new ballet/contemporary dancers for a coming performance of the company. It was almost as […]

  • New lens

    I have long discussed with myself what it would mean to my photography to have a lens with a wider angle then my Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L lens. Not that my lens actually lets me zoom all the way. Something isn’t right with it, and I should of course have fixed it, but then I […]

  • New lens

    I was out testing the new lens. Sadly there was no sun outside, it was a clouded day with, where things where rather grey when it comes to light. Most of the lakes and the shores in the fjord are frozen with ice and snow on the top. So it was a rather white day so […]

  • Wide angle at the beach

    Today I was out to take some shots at the beach, was looking for stones that would obstruct the waves and create exciting movements. Today was the first day in about a week where there wasn’t a cloudy sky. The water was much higher today then usual. Perhaps due to the close to full moon […]

  • Inspired

    Yesterday I found a book in the store that I for once felt resonated with me. There are many books about photography, but I do not experience that to many of them focus on the kind of photography I do. This book does, it also added some cool ideas I will work with in the […]

  • Street Photography

    Not my best genere. I feel that if I take photos of people I invade their lives, even though the expectation of privacy should be rather slim out in the streets. As I also have a rather bulky and large camera rig I do not come off as a random tourist either, and I tend […]

  • Panorama

    Last evening I was down at the beach at a place I like to go to. A peninsula  called Bygdøy. On the south end you have some distanse to the horizon and can often view the sun going down. This day was rather dark. However as it is with clouded days there are always, or close […]

  • Focus on process

    In this blog I have tried to focus on the process behind creating my visual expressions. I want to offer a bit deeper insight in to how I work. I see myself as an artist using photography as a medium to express what I want to express. In this lies the concept that taking the photos […]

  • Most days are grey

    Most days are exactly what you make them. There is nothing really remarkable happening. It is only you who have the opportunity to make them differentiate from other days. It is only you who can see the beauty in the day when most just see same old. It was a grey day. It was flat […]

  • Storm is coming

    I am not really a fan of photos taken with a mobile camera. My biggest concern isn’t that it is a camera in everyones hand, but more the fact that the photos are not really that great unless they are presented at that screen or as a tiny web image. On the other hand is […]