New lens

I have long discussed with myself what it would mean to my photography to have a lens with a wider angle then my Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L lens. Not that my lens actually lets me zoom all the way. Something isn’t right with it, and I should of course have fixed it, but then I have to be without it… So I keep using it as my work-horse even if it doesn’t let me zoom to more them 27mm.

I looked all over the net and read a lot on forums and reviews to find what lens I wanted as my wide angle lens. Some that popped out was Canon’s 16-35mm in F4 and F2.8. Shooting landscapes I didn’t think it was any point to look at the prime lenses, as I dont need the fast apertures of these lenses. Quite different from when I do bird or animal photography I really love the 2.8 aperture of my 300mm or as it gets a 420mm F4 with a teleconverter.

Well I ended up with looking at the two 16-35mm from Canon. And I ended up purchasing the F4. All the tests I read told me it is sharper corner to corner then the F2.8 version. And since I shoot landscapes with aperture values from 9-16 I do not really need the 2.8 fastness I think.

I am looking forward to test it in the field.


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