Importance of clouds

When it comes to taking landscape photographs clouds play a very important role. Often a large part of the photo will be the sky and for this part of the photo to offer something that will be of any interest to the viewer it is important that something happens there.

It is said that a clear blue sky is the most boring that a photographer can get. Therefor it is often, not just because of the softness of the light to shoot photos in morning and evening. Different tones of light combined with clouds bring interesting experiences.

My favourite setting is probably heavy clouded sky with some cracks where the sun beams come trough.


Here are some shots I took this weekend. The first one was a day with a lot of clouds, but also sun and wind. This gives interesting movement in the clouds.

Yesterday it was layers on layers with grey clouds. A lot of rain in the air and still some wind. As the clouds now are more dense less light shines trough and the expression is totally different.


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