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  • Photo day 2019

    My wife runs a fine art dance studio called Starlet Dance Works. In the latter years one of the parents have taken the pictures of the dancers on the photodays. This year his daughter doesn’t dance anymore and my wife was looking for a different photographer. Well she looked at me and said “You should […]

  • Varanger

    In 2010 I had the pleasure of being in Varanger, in Northern Norway. My brother was living up in Vadsø and I was there visiting him. The peninsula description from Wikipedia: Varanger Peninsula is a peninsula in Finnmark county, Norway. It is located in the northeasternmost part of Norway, along the Barents Sea. The peninsula has the Tanafjorden to the west, the Varangerfjorden to the […]

  • Blue hour

    I wanted to go to the shore and take some nice exposures of the light that is during the so called «blue hour», which is the time right before it gets dark after sunset. I chose to go to the peninsula Bygdøy that is in the south of Oslo. Here I had good sight towards […]

  • With rain comes clouds

    The last two days it has been raining here. rather heavy after almost two weeks with sun. Sun is nice, but sun often entail no clouds. Clouds give pictures more life. As the rain stopped I wanted to capture some of the beauty and drama that was out there.  I put my camera on the […]

  • The foothils of the Adirondacks

    When traveling to see other places of the world there are several things that are important to consider: Equipment, what should I bring What do I plan on photographing. This dictates or is being dictated by the equipment I bring. Bring a good rucksack for equipment, that also enables you to carry water, food and […]

  • Outdoor recreation year

    In Norway we are into the “Outdoor recreation year”. In whole 2015 it will be marked with different arrangements to point out how amazing it is to be outdoors. His Majesty Crown Prince Haakon is the high protector of this year long happening. He had chosen a few activities he wanted to visit and one […]

  • Iceland

    Today I am going on a travel for an organisation I am the Chairman of to Iceland.  There is a official program where some guiding is part of it. I will of course not pass on this opportunity and will bring some of my camera equipment to be able to take some landscape photos there. […]

  • Iceland – part II

    Now I am back home from a weekend on Iceland. My first comment is that it is an amazing place on earth. The landscape is like never seen before; Very much affected of being an Volcanic Island, placed far up north with strong wind, strong currents in the ocean and a place where the weather […]

  • Serenity

    Once again I find myself together with my camera out to get the shots I want when the day is going towards an end. There is something very special with the time when the darkness falls upon us. I like how everything falls to rest and how the light is more crisp. Where I live […]

  • Autumn

    This year we have a long and rather mild autumn. Still there has hardly been any days with minus degrees. So there is still ample opportunities to get the nature in autumn colours. There are some small rivers in the near area that are accessible and that provides good hills with trees that are bright […]