In 2010 I had the pleasure of being in Varanger, in Northern Norway. My brother was living up in Vadsø and I was there visiting him. The peninsula description from Wikipedia:

Varanger Peninsula is a peninsula in Finnmark county, Norway. It is located in the northeasternmost part of Norway, along the Barents Sea. The peninsula has the Tanafjorden to the west, the Varangerfjorden to the south, and the Barents Sea to the north and east. The municipalities of VadsøBåtsfjordBerlevågVardøTana, and Nesseby share the 2,069-square-kilometre (799 sq mi) peninsula. Nesseby and Tana are only partially on the peninsula, with the rest being entirely on the peninsula.
The peninsula gave the name to the Varangian glaciation episode. A large part of this peninsula, including the town of Vardø (located on an island just off the coast of the peninsula), has an Arctic tundra climate. However, on the south coast, including the town of Vadsø, there is sufficient summer heat for birch trees to grow. The area has rugged mountain terrain with altitudes up to 633 metres (2,077 ft).

So far north the landscape is very different then south in the country, there are more high mountain vegetation close to the shore. the area is naturally rather sparse populated. And since all houses were burned by the German occupying force during World War II to avoid the Russian army having any houses, all the houses are built after 1945.

I captured the experience of this place in this black and white photos.

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