Nubble Point, York, ME

Being at the ocean is creativity for me. The constant movement of the ocean. Up and down, back and forth. The sheer power when a wave hits the rocks and splashes with white foam. Pushing the water far up on land with every hit. Pulling the water away from land as the wave rises up.

At Nubble Point in Maine you have the Atlantic Ocean hitting straight into land. Where York is you have nothing in between France and the US to stop the power of the wind and the ocean. It was very surprising to me that it was so calm there most of the time.

I got one day with great amounts of waves and was sure to utilize it. I was wearing my Simms Waders so I could walk undisturbed on the rocks at the shore. The shoes have studs in the sole securing good grip on wet rocks. For my shots I used the Lee Polarizing filter for Wide Angle lenses, the Lee Little Stopper, a 6 stop ND filter, and the Lee 0.9 Grad ND filter. The polarizer filter to get out reflections from the water and to ensure good blue color in the water as well as the sky. The Little Stopper is there to allow me to do Long Exposure and the graduate filter is to be able to darken the sky without having to do exposure bracketing.

I used my Canon EF 16-35mm F4L IS lens that has really sailed up to be my go to lens when I take landscape related shots. The camera was my sturdy Canon 1D Mark IV. The combination is great as the camera and lens is able to withstand a good splash from water without any problems. I used my Benro Tripod with the legs spread wide to get as low as possible angle on the shots. I am not a fan of bird-perspective.

I placed my tripod either as close out on the rocks as possible. Limited by where the waves would break. I placed my tripod in the water where that possibility allowed it. The advantage of a heavy camera as the 1D is that I do not need to weigh down my tripod for shots where the waves push on the tripod.


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