Babysteps into filming

I have owned a DSLR with movie taking option for 2+ years. Have I ever used it, No. I started looking at it last week.

Now I have taken my first film bits with it outside. I see a potential in what it can be used for when it comes to nature. But at the same time it opens up a new area of knowledge that needs to be filled. I have never edited a movie in my life. I do not really know which tools to use, how to make it interesting or anything. All I know is that I will probably create a few movies with the DSLR in the future and if they are to be to my standards when it comes to photography I will need to learn myself this much better.

Here is an first shot, used tripod and took some seconds of nature, the same way I normally take landscape shots, but without any form of filters.



  1. I enjoyed your video clip. My favourite sound is the waves breaking on the shore – so relaxing. I upgraded to a Nikon D810 five months ago and have yet to try out the movie feature. I suspect I will need a monster of a memory card if the photograph file sizes are anything to go by! I look forward to seeing more of your videos.


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